Ways to Support Local Small Businesses while Social Distancing

Ways to Support Local Small Businesses while Social Distancing

As coronavirus continues to take over our lives, burden the stock market, and cause public panic across the globe, we  see everywhere, governments are halting international travel, ordering people to stay home, and shuttering non-essential businesses. These measures are designed to slow the spread of the global pandemic COVID-19 and keep people safe. But, while social distancing and self-isolation are vital in helping to curb the spread of the deadly disease, they also threaten to devastate our local businesses.

There are ways to help small businesses stay afloat during these uncertain times.

Shop Locally Both Online and Offline
Many small businesses that do not typically offer online ordering are starting to test the waters, check to see if this is something the places you frequently shop with are doing. It may be a one-stop shop where local workers and businesses are working together and partnering with some existing business for an online presence. Helping small business owners spread the word about can be one of the best ways to support them.

Order Takeaway Food and Drink
While many local eateries have opted to close their doors completely, a number of them are still open for takeaway and delivery, including spots that did not provide that service before the outbreak. Many independently owned food and drink businesses are now getting on to delivery platforms. If you have the income, consider taking a day off from cooking every now and then to help support local cafes, bars and restaurants through this difficult moment.

Take Advantage of Digital Payment Methods
Besides, text or email your go-to hairstylist, trainer, fashion retail stall owner or yoga instructor, to ask if they’re on digital payment app. Book out future appointments or pay for their product or service in advance if you’re financially sustainable.

Online Passive Income
Many business owners are now streaming sessions online so that people who are social distancing or self-isolating can join from home and show their support and solidarity to the local community. If you have existing product, service or expertise, think about whether you can offer it as an online lesson. Can your work be packaged and delivered remotely? It’s another good way to generate some income during this economic crisis.

Embrace Constraints
Constraints force focus and give spark to creativity. It is possible to maintain momentum with some creative thinking, so make serious time for brain storming. If you offer a package of services, can you slice off some while keeping the essentials and offer a revised, discounted package? For seasonal businesses, can you offer an incentive on a future package, if purchased now? For physical locations, can you offer delivery services or a discount on bulk purchases to move inventory? Can you Livestream your lessons or sell gift cards for your services? These efforts can possibly help businesses to ease some of their financial constraints.

Social distancing has put all of us together – kids and adults, at home, with nowhere to go. When you work from home and the entire family is home, the line between work and care-taking becomes fuzzy. Fortunately, a lot of people are putting out resources for parents to keep kids busy at home. Check out if your local institution is offering some online learning classes with free subscriptions or other virtual lessons to keep the young ones occupied. If you want to avoid too much screen time, explore the amazing world of kids podcasts too.

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