How Not to Harm Your Hair Using Shampoo

How Not to Harm Your Hair Using Shampoo

You’ve probably heard about shampooing less frequently can be better for your hair. You maybe also considering dumping your shampoo and looking forward to achieve a better looking, smooth and healthier hair by using other natural ways.

healthy hairSpecialists say there’s no single proven guidance as to how frequent individuals ought to clean the hair. You may not necessary do it as regularly as you think. It is generally boils down to individual preference. You can first understand better on what hair type and styling options you prefer. A few people discover their hair looks and carries on better following a couple of days of not washing.

There are 3 regular myths associated with individuals’ hesitance to wash their hair frequently: ‘Shampooing dries my hair’; ‘Shampooing makes my hair sleek and dirtier’; ‘Successive washing makes my hair drop out easily, if I washed it consistently I may have none left.’

Quite in contrary, by shampooing using the right method and the right products can actually re-moisturizes your hair. On daily basis, the natural oils which produced by your scalp will only remain on top of your hair shaft and do not penetrate it. It’s by washing with water that does the cleaning job and also a well formulated conditioner that helps to moisturize your hair. Nevertheless, who wants oily hair?

Here’s a rule of thumb in shampooing your hair:-
• If you have oily hair and living in a polluted city or humid environment, or you have regular work out in a day, you need to wash your hair every day.
• If you have normal or combination (with dry ends and oily roots) type of hair, wash it every other day.
• If your hair is on the dry side (this includes curly or color-treated hair) or if you live in a rural environment or dry climate, you can opt to wash your hair every few days.
• Avoid using hot water to rinse your hair as it can easily create tangles which can result in hair breakage.
• Apply hair conditioner after shampooing your hair.

You can also consider using olive oil to nourish your hair every time after washing your hair and dry it up using tower. When blowing your hair, it is advised to keep the dryer at a distance away from your hair. The nozzle should be pointing downward and leave about three inches away from your hair. This helps to avoid high heat on your hair which can potentially harm your hair.

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