Generate an AR Desktop from Your Smartphone in the Future

Generate an AR Desktop from Your Smartphone in the Future

We are seeing a rising number of AR (Augmented Reality) devices being introduced and it will gain popularity in near future. The devices are made without the need to connect to computer, like the Rokid Vision Glasses which can project games, phone apps, and more in front of your eyes. So what exactly is AR? In short, the AR is a mixed of the real world with an artificial one. We used to see such vision in some of those movies that gave us brief idea on what AR is. Now we are seeing this beginning to emerge into reality.

Some day in the future, we might be seeing people wearing a pair of glasses and looking at laptop in an electronics mall. As mobile processing power increases, the AR capabilities are endless with more interesting implementations are being created. The Rokid Vision AR Glasses for example are sold over 10K units and has been widely used in education, logistics, remote assistance, and other industries.

Since Rokid Vision doesn’t require much computing power as compared to other devices, it is well compatible with most smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc that have a Type-C port. Now what’s “Type-C port” meaning? The Type-C port,  is simply more convenient to plug-in as it is made reversible and is based on USB 3.1(like on Pixel phones). The main advantages of USB Type-C port are the significant improvement in data transfer and charging speeds. It can also be used to add two way charging to phones.

The Rokid Vision glasses can be used for different use scenarios as it can be the game controller for AR games or even become your mobile office as it can project office documents which you can then edit. Best use would be in education from primary school to college. Imagine being a medical student being able to examine the whole human body without the need for real bodies. This can be an interesting feature to enable students learning in an interactive, fast and convenient way.

The AI enabled AR eye-wear is able to combine voice and touch interactions and generates a three-dimensional image that appears to surround the user with tracked content. We believe with such interesting devices can possibly bring forth another big trend in the communication and technologies arena especially if the cost can be made affordable or as much as an average smartphone.

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