Four Types of Food to Eliminate Fatty Liver

Four Types of Food to Eliminate Fatty Liver

In today’s modern lifestyle, fatty liver is no longer a rare word for many people. While having some fat in our liver is normal, however if the fat weight is more than the range between 5% – 10%, it can be considered as excess fat.  Fatty liver is very closely relates to the way we eat. What kind of food we take can determine how healthy is our own liver. Below are some of the food which can help to eliminate fatty liver disease.

1. Red Onions
Red-OnionOnions contain a variety of sulfur compounds which can inhibit platelet aggregation and help smooth blood flow, as well as eliminate free radicals. Onion’s mercaptan, propylene sulfide and other ingredients with lower blood lipids function, can assist in increasing the body’s “good” cholesterol (HDL), to prevent atherosclerosis . More importantly, the active ingredients in onion can promote fat metabolism which eventually prevent fatty liver. Red onion is a better choice, as it contains higher sulphide content when its color gets darker. Since sulfide can be easily destroyed at high temperatures, hence it is best to eat it raw.

2. Garlic
The smell of the garlic is brought by the presence of the allicin. A number of studies have confirmed that allicin can maintain macrophage activity, which can increase the ability to kill bacteria and to promote lymphocyte proliferation and to avoid the accumulation of abdominal fat, while enhancing liver detoxification enzyme activity. It is best to mash garlic, and wait for 10 to 15 minutes before eat. This is believed to help generate allicin.

3. Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry TomatoEat raw cherry tomatoes (about 155 grams) a day for 20 days is said to provide our body the adequate amount of vitamin C, which can help to increase fat burning process by 30% during exercise as it strongly promote fat metabolism. Cherry tomatoes can be eaten raw, or served as salad.


4. Lemon
Japan’s researchers found that lemon may contain an ingredient capable of preventing fatty liver by lower the accumulation of fat in liver cells. In addition, lemon also helps to detoxify liver by promoting bile production that helps to cleanse the liver and maintain the optimum level of bile in the liver. Lemon helps to reduce body’s harmful mucus production and dissolve gallstones. You can dilute lemon juice with water and honey to lessen its natural acidic taste.


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