Effective Email Marketing Methods to Stand Out of the Crowded Inbox

Effective Email Marketing Methods to Stand Out of the Crowded Inbox

There is no doubt that email marketing has been very powerful tool to drive businesses since years back and it is still remain as the invaluable method for every successful online businesses. However these days, consumers are inundated with marketing emails. Every business you interact with wants your email address, and every one of them is doing their best to make sure that their email will be one of the lucky few that recipients actually open. With all the competition, it’s more and more difficult to make an impact.

Below are some of the best practices you can use to make your emails glitter from all the rest:-

1. Build relationship by sending “How to use your new purchase” emails
A huge missed opportunity for many online retailers is the gap between customers placing an order and actually receiving what they’ve bought. The perfect time to build hype for the product is when someone is waiting for an anticipated purchase to arrive. A well-timed email here can make the customer feel good about their purchase decision, and increase the chances of them having a positive experience with the product when it arrives. The main objective here is to get the customer to take some kind of action or consume some specialized content that is designed to reinforce the good feelings they have about their purchase.

2. Remind about abandoned cart emails
As a marketer, abandoned cart emails can be an extremely effective way to reconnect with consumers and remind them of why they were interested in buying from your client in the first place. Abandoned cart emails are an especially good opportunity to lean heavily on the brand voice. This kind of marketing messaging represents a kind of “Hail Mary” pass as your last chance to capture potential customers before they disappear. These emails should really capture the spirit of the brand because if you can get the recipient to feel a connection with the company you’re representing, they’ll be much more likely to come back and complete the purchase. There is also application been made with sophisticated technology to help your store recoups lost revenue by reminding customers about their abandoned cart automatically.

3. Use Interactive emails to engage subscribers
Interactive emails contain an element(s) that subscribers can engage and interact with. Typically, this means an element changes as a result of clicking or typing something. There are a couple reasons why interactive emails will play a bigger role. One, more email companies are beginning to support the coding standards that allow for interactive elements in email. And two, interactive emails, when used well, can increase email engagement and click-through rates. Building an interactive element takes time and some knowledge of coding, and they are not supported by all email clients. So if you plan to use an interactive element, you should be confident that it will have a positive impact on your engagement and click-through rates before you spend time building it.

4. VIP outreach emails
There are few things that people enjoy more than being told that they’re special. If you reach out to your clients’ best customers, tell them that they’re the best customers, and offer them special deals as a reward — most will be flattered. And more importantly, they’ll be much more likely to pay attention than if you just sent them an email about a sale. More frequently, people are usually delighted with a subject line saying something like “Thanks,” and is more likely to open it. And if there are special rewards/ discounts being offered for being loyal customer, chances are you are more likely to get returning sales!

5. Influencer outreach emails
This strategy is about connecting with an influencer (someone with a large online audience) who hopefully will be willing to be an evangelist for your product. The key to actually succeeding when reaching out to influencers is to write a custom email for each person you want to contact. Make it obvious you actually know who they are and what they do, and make sure you have a good rationale for why you’re sending them this email.

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