Common Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Common Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

It’s always a pivotal decision when come to executing an advertising campaign especially for the small and and medium sized business owners. What more if you’re new to the advertising space. Many questions regarding advertising format, which platform is suitable for your business model, costing and what publication to post in your ad are just a handful of important decision to make for your business success. Here are some of the common advertising mistakes to avoid for better results.

Advertising without Market Research
It’s indeed a waste of effort to create an advertisement in social media, newspaper or magazine without considering who it is intended for. Advertising is great but not without a clear idea of your target audience. Without this research, you’re wasting your time and money. Is your audience made of women? Working class or affluent buyers? Families or singles? Consider questions that help you find out who your audience is before you start advertising. Proper market research can help you avoid marketing failure in the future.

Starting With an Engagement Ad
While an engagement ad can be powerful way to create brand awareness and catch as many eyeballs as possible, it will most likely not able to generate enough sales or in fact in many cases with no sale. Your ad might get thousands of likes but it just doesn’t convert much, even though people liked the content. There are so many entertaining, funny, and catchy advertisements that we can’t remember what product or service they are for. All the focus is on being entertaining—which is great—but the business forgets to make the call to action clear. Creativity does help you stand out, but don’t go so overboard that you risk losing leads because your customers don’t know what you’re offering.

Targeting Too Narrow or Too Wide of an Audience
Know your audience and use data to back it up. Making the mistake of targeting a broad audience or a narrow group could end up costing you. By understanding your best customer’s behaviors, attitudes and demographics, you can set your social media advertising campaign up for success. Find out which of the various media options have the most readership with your target groups, then spend your money in those. If you have a limited budget, you need to find the content that appeal to the specific niche who will be the prime market for what you have to offer. Then create your ad content to suit.

Using Low-Resolution Images
The number one mistake businesses make when designing an ad is using low-resolution photos. Photos that are grainy, blurry and painful to look at only to drive shoppers away Instead of making them want to click and find out more. If a business can’t even take a clear, quality picture, how can it possibly create a great product? Don’t give your potential customers the chance to ask that question. Even if it means shelling out a little extra cash, it’s worth it in the long run to have a set of great product photos.

No Copy
It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to skip the copy. A great picture will initially attract shoppers, but your copy is what’s going to seal the deal. When writing copy, remember to keep it short, clear and to the point. Think of your copy as a preview. Explain what your product is and why it’s great. You don’t need paragraphs of information. If shoppers are interested, they can visit your website for more. Additionally, don’t forget to include a call to action in your copy.

Sending People to the Homepage
If you only sell one product, or if your homepage is a landing page, then it’s fine to direct people to your homepage from your ad. However, if you’re selling several products on your online store, you’ll losing money by driving traffic to a specific product page instead of a home page. On the other hand, if you’re advertising for a clothing company and have a call to action to “Shop Now” for a product. Sending people to the homepage only creates an inconvenience for them to have to search for the product, which creates the risk of losing a potential customer. A call to actions help boost your customer acquisition, but you have to guide users along that journey. Send people to a landing page to achieve a better conversion rate.

Overdoing the Ads
Do not create too many ads. Use your money to create a few really good ads. Invest in superior art work. Take the time to write (or have written for you) intelligent, pithy copy that people will take pleasure in reading. Make it interesting and informative. Write it so the reader will want to know more and will make the effort to do so by going to your web site, returning a prepaid reply card, calling a phone number, or even coming round to your place of business.

Failing to Monitor Advertising Margins
The biggest challenge when it comes to margins that people don’t take into account is how many failed ads you’ll have before you create one that succeeds. And that does eat away at your margins. A lot of new store owners will spend $1000 on ads and not generate a single sale. It’s really important to take ad costs into account when pricing your products. So many new entrepreneurs want to compete with Amazon pricing but it’s just not profitable to do that. When pricing products, stay within market value. If you find competitors in your space charge $40 for a women’s blouse, you can also charge $40 for a women’s blouse. Don’t price compete, it’s the easiest way to lose a ton of money.

Create ads that look great and sell for you is an ultimate way to promote your business.


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