Choose The Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Choose The Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Hosting refers to where your site resides on the internet. Before you decide where to allocate your site, you will need to check out on its price, whether it is affordable, sufficient space for your business need and other important elements like overall up-time performance, security features etc. The hosting servers can be of the shared, dedicated, or virtual varieties.

Many web hosting companies have several increasingly expensive tiers, with introductory features in starter packages and more robust offerings in higher-priced plans. It’s good to do a comparison-shopping before pulling out a credit card; you’ll want to sign up with a service that has the features that best align with your website-building goals.

Small business hosting needs to be reliable as time is money. You lose dollars for every minute your site is down. It should also be reasonably priced, and include the security certificates you need to provide a safe online experience for your users.  Other factor to consider in choosing your web hosting service provider is its ease of use and 24/7 customer support.

If you’re planning on selling a product, look for a web host that offers a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, because it encrypts the data between the customer’s browser and web host to safeguard purchasing information. SSL can be seen as the green padlock that appears in your web browser’s address bar as you visit an online financial institution or retail outlet. A few companies toss in a SSL certificate free of charge; others may charge you $100 for that extra layer of security.

Among the popular web hosting providers are HostGator, Godaddy, InMotion, BlueHost, SiteGround and so on. HostGator for example is a beginner-friendly, feature-rich service with an unrivaled up-time of 99.99%. All their plans include unlimited emails (unusual for hosting services), one-click installation with WordPress and Drupal, and unmetered bandwidth (you’re not billed for how much you use) with the starting plan as low as $2.75 per month.

Running your online store on the internet can either opt for dedicated or VPS hosting. A dedicated server will likely cost you more than $100 per month which can be expensive web hosting. Nevertheless, your website lives on a server all by its lonesome, so it takes advantage of the server’s full resources. You’ll probably need to handle firewalls and maintenance yourself, unless you opt for a managed server, which costs even more money. If you want to save some cash, VPS hosting is generally a sufficient and more  affordable option. VPS hosting falls midway between shared and dedicated hosting. By building your website in a VPS environment, you won’t share resources with the other sites that live on the same server, the way you would with shared hosting. In fact, your site lives in a partitioned server area that has its own operating system, storage, RAM, and monthly data transfers, so you can expect smoother, more-stable site performance. You can get solid VPS hosting for approximately $20 to $30 per month.

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