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How to Prevent Eczema on Scalp

Scalp eczema, is a type of eczema that causes redness, itching, flaking and the development of oily, scaly patches on the scalp. Scalp eczema can be caused by either seborrheic or atopic (inherited) dermatitis. It is also known as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic psoriasis, and (in infants) “cradle cap.” These types of dermatitis may also cause…
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How to Get Rid of Skin Moles Quickly

Moles are accumulated pigmented cells that appear as dark spots on the skin. They develop in the upper and lower layers of the skin. Moles occur when the cells in the skin grow in a cluster, instead of being spread throughout the skin. These cells, called melanocytes, make the pigment that gives skin its natural…
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How to Reduce Oily Face Naturally

Oily skin is one form of the skin type with enhanced open pores, it is caused by the over activeness of sebaceous gland. When the gland becomes active it releases a substance named sebum, which is a lubricant, the excess release of sebum makes the skin oil. Oily skin is common among both the genders male…
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How to get Fair Skin in One Day

Every lady has a desire of getting fair and flawless skin tone, especially when they are facing their relatives in family gathering and friends in any common occasion. It is possible to get a variety of fairness creams in the market, which may or may not be very effective. Even if they do the work…
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Essential Beauty Tips for Your Face

We all secretly desire beautiful looks and flawless complexion. But most of us fall prey to pollution and other factors, and our skin ends up looking dull and lifeless. What can be done about this? Different skin types have different needs and endure different problems. It is important to identify your skin tone and take…
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