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About Xeros Washing Machine

The Xeros Washing Machine is a new kind of clothes washing technology that cleans laundry using primary nylon polymer beads and very little water. The machine releases nylon polymer beads into a main compartment where laundry is washed. These beads are small and super absorbent which allows them to go through clothing to absorb dirt…
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How to Say No Nicely

Do you wish you could put your foot down sometimes and say no? Many of us feel compelled to agree to every request, and would rather juggle a million jobs than refuse to help, even if we are left with no time for ourselves. Sometimes it can be so tough to say no that you end…
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Ways to Maintain Good Friendship

Modern-day technology and social media make it easier to stay connected with friends and keep up with their successes, interests and status updates. But busy lifestyles, superficial communication, false intimacy and even neediness make it harder to develop and keep real friendships. Believe it or not, not many of us have good friends in our lives.…
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How to Maintain Good Relationship in the Workplace

Effective businesses encourage the development of positive relationships between managers and employees as well as among coworkers. All businesses can foster positive workplace relationships by creating a strong mission statement and an upbeat team-based environment. Strengthen workplace relationships by setting clear expectations, practicing constant communication and offering timely responses to both positive workplace behavior and…
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Reason Why Not to Live with Your In-Laws

Being a newlywed is a blissful time for couples. In this stage, couples are still getting to know each other and are in the process of adjusting in this new phase of their relationship. Your in-laws may be great people but actually living with them may not be such a good idea. Sure, you may…
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