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How Not to Harm Your Hair Using Shampoo

You’ve probably heard about shampooing less frequently can be better for your hair. You maybe also considering dumping your shampoo and looking forward to achieve a better looking, smooth and healthier hair by using other natural ways. Specialists say there’s no single proven guidance as to how frequent individuals ought to clean the hair. You may not…
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How to Choose Healthy Supplement That Suit You

There are many supplement food brands in the market, often with different ingredients which provide different nutrient mechanism and effect to the body. As our body health differ with one another, if one health supplement is less effective to our body, we can then opt for other product brand. In general, health supplement is able to provide an overall health benefit…
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Four Types of Food to Eliminate Fatty Liver

In today’s modern lifestyle, fatty liver is no longer a rare word for many people. While having some fat in our liver is normal, however if the fat weight is more than the range between 5% – 10%, it can be considered as excess fat.  Fatty liver is very closely relates to the way we eat. What kind…
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Four Types of Vegetables that Promote Longevity

Tasty delicacies can be delicious, but not necessarily healthy. Today, more and more people realize the importance of nutrition food to one’s body health. Expensive dining may not necessary mean you are eating well. Kelp lowering blood pressure “Kelp is indeed a high nutritional value of food.” Professor from Beijing University of Traditional Health Office-Zhang Hude…
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20 Healthy Lifestyles to Avoid Cancer

Most cancerous tissue do not happen overnight. The formation of cancer cells are often predictable. When it eventually strike us one day will normally already too late as a result from the decades of deteriorating health condition which we have been unconsciously living in. Below are the 20 great suggestions for small changes which you can make in your daily life to possibly reducing the risk…
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